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Keep your car looking shiny and new with little to no effort with Ceramic Coating.

Are you looking for a way to protect your car’s paint?  Looking for a way to keep your car cleaner longer?  Or maybe your interested in maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating is a replacement for your basic wax; it is a nano-coating that bonds and protects your paint, glass, rims, and some interior surfaces.

It enhances your car’s gloss by reducing the amount of sun damage to the exterior of your car, preventing dull spots. The chemical bonds between the coat and surface level also create a resistant surface to repel water and lessen the damage of other chemicals that may come in contact with your vehicle.

The coating protects the natural coating of your car keeping it looking clean longer! With the built-in gloss, there is no longer a need wax or use sealants on your car. The streak and dull free coat is meant to last approximately three years with proper care, however additional coats may extend the effectiveness.

Ceramic coating is a cost-effective way to protect your car from natural materials, and keep your car clean longer!

We currently offer three options with ceramic coating: a proper and thorough wash followed by the coat’s application (recommended for new cars with no swirls); wash, polish, and application (recommended for pre-owned cars or cars not properly maintained); a three-year warranty. All of our bundles include Ceramic Coating on paint, rims, lights, windshield, and back window. Additional coats may also be applied for an extra fee.

We offer an optional 3-year warranty on the service for an additional $500. If you ceramic coating gets damaged during that 3 years, we will come out and fix the problem and re-apply the ceramic at no cost to you. Note: Clients must follow the after care procedures or the warranty will be void.