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Getting your vehicle detailed can have many benefits and should be a regular part of your vehicle maintenance.  Auto details provide many great benefits beyond that of a regular car wash.   Auto details are an investment into the life span of your vehicle and the return is great.  If you are new to auto detail or are interested in learning more, keep reading.

The car wash vs. the auto detail

Car washes and car details are both essential tasks for maintaining your car’s integrity however, they are far from the same.   Car washes remove surface-level dirt and debris from your car’s exterior and interior.  There are many forms of car washes ex: hand washes, drive-thru’s, and DIYs some of which have the potential of damaging your cars paint integrity.  Car details on the other hand are different.   Auto detailing uses hand washing and professional machines to protect the integrity of your vehicle while providing a deep clean to the exterior and interior.  Auto detailing goes beyond surface dust and cleans every nook and cranny of your vehicle leaving it feeling just like new.

Car detailing is an important part of regular car maintenance.

Benefits of an Auto Detail

Detailing has many benefits beyond providing a clean fresh vehicle, it also…

  1. Preserves and correct your exterior paint job
    Many things can contribute to swirl marks and paint dullness however; auto detailing can help safely remove debris that cause deep scratches to your paint job. Professional grade wax is applied to the exterior to provide an extra layer of protection until your next service.
  2. Preserves your upholstery
    Regardless of the type of upholstery your vehicle has, an auto detail will provide a deep cleaning and will sometimes include protective solvents. For leather surfaces, a protective and moisturizer is applied to prevent cracking and tears. For soft surfaces, a shampoo may be involved to lift stains and a fabric guard applied to prevent future stains.
    clean leather upholstery after auto detail with second 2 none detail
  3. Enhances car performance
    Detailing is more than just making your car look great, it also involves cleaning out the engine. By removing dust and dirt from your engine, it allows your car to run smoothly and at lowers temperatures.  Engine cleaning is a big benefit of auto detailing that is not provided with a regular car wash.
  4. Extends the cars lifespan
    When your engine is clean and running optimally, your car will naturally have a longer life span. The same principal applies to your car’s interior and exterior surfaces.   Your cars paint will last longer with less scratches, swirls or bubbles. Your car’s interior upholstery will be clean and free of deep set stains or leather tears.
    Clean engine after auto detail with second 2 none
  5. Preserves your vehicle’s resale value
    Regular auto details contribute to better paint on the exterior, maintained upholstery, longer life span and a healthy engine which all increase the resale value on your vehicle.
  6. Improves the air quality inside your vehicle
    If you are not detailing your car regularly, dust will collect over time and stay in your vehicle, your air conditioner and heater will regulate this dust throughout the air. The deep cleaning that an auto detail provides removes dust and allergens from your vehicle, this improves the overall air quality that is being circulated.
  7. Overall appearance
    Auto details clean everything, down to the smallest crevasse of your vehicle. These areas are not cleaned on a regular basis by car washes and can easily generate build up.  When they are cleaned with an auto detail, your car will instantly look better and appear cleaner. It’s all in the details!

To maintain pristine performance and protect your car it is recommended you get your car detailed every 4-6 months.   The more frequently you get your vehicle detailed, the better maintained your car will be which, will ultimately prolong the lifespan and resell value.

If you are in the San Gabriel valley / Pasadena area and are interested in booking a detail service, Second 2 None auto detailers offers mobile auto detailing services as well as drop off details at our detail studio.   Schedule your appointment online, we will come to you, detail your vehicle and hand back over the keys, simple as that. 

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