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Paint restoration services in the San Gabriel Valley.
Paint restoration can repair surface-level scratches and imperfections on your vehicle’s exterior paint.  Swirl marks, hard water spots, oxidation, and holograms all can cause your car’s paint to look dull and dated.  Second 2 None Auto Detailers can help repair these imperfections with our paint restoration services.


Swirl marks are lighter scratches that can be found on your paints surface in a circular, straight, or diagonal pattern. Generally they are caused by different particles that are dragged over the paints surface during the washing or drying of the vehicle. They can also be caused by using the wrong towels, dusting your vehicle, car covers, and improper quick detailer wipe downs. THE GOOD NEWS is that we can fix this.


Hard water spots are generally mineral deposits found in water from sprinklers that are left on your paints surface, when the water evaporates, the mineral is left behind and bonds to your paints surface. There are above surface and below surface water spots. THE GOOD NEWS, both can be repaired, below surface water spots take much more time and cost more to repair.


There are 3 levels of oxidation found on most paint surfaces, light, medium, and heavy. This is generally caused by not properly protecting your paint surface using regular washing, waxing, and sealants.  Also by leaving your vehicle outside in the damaging and harsh environmental elements, unprotected. THE GOOD NEWS, all 3 levels of oxidation can be fixed.


A hologram is damage to the paintwork by use of incorrect paint cleaners, sponges, or the wrong setting on a polishing machine.  They are generally caused by an inexperienced detailer or do-it-yourselfer.  They are small scratches that refract light differently and produce different reflections when looking in direct sunlight.  If the damage has not affected the clear coat too much, we can fix or greatly improve the damaged area.


Bird droppings contain quite a bit of acid, which is powerful enough to eat through a protective barrier of wax or sealant and begin to etch your cars paint. There are generally 2 types of damage caused by bird droppings. The topical stained etching is usually shallow enough and can be completely removed or at least greatly improved. The other type of damage is wrinkled etchings and too deep to repair. It looks similar to a small area of spider webs within the area that the bird dropping was. The GOOD NEWS is we can fix the topical etching THE BAD NEWS is we can’t fix the wrinkled etchings.


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